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SAP FICO Online Training

Basic Settings Creations company Company code Assign company code to company Business area Fiscal year variant Asian fiscal year variant to company code Chart of accounts Accounts Group Retained earning account Posting period variant Document Types and no ranges Filed status variant Tolerance Posting Keys General Ledger GL master record Posting of document Display balances … Continue reading SAP FICO Online Training


SAP XI Online Training

Module I Introduction to integration Introduction to EAL-B2B and B2c Overview Of EAT Module II Introduction to SAP Net Weaver People integration Introduction to Integration Process Integration Information Integration Modules in SAP NetWeaver Module III Components in SAP XI Design Time Components Administrative and monitoring components Runtime Components Architecture of XI Module IV Archating Products … Continue reading SAP XI Online Training


SAP Netweaver Online Training

Introduction NetWeaver Architecture Installation Portal User Experience Navigation Personalization Navigator View WYSWAS Portal Administration Concept -> Reality Content Admin User Admin Users, Roles, Groups Portal Content Portal Content Directory (PCD) iViews Pages Worksets Roles Users Delta-links GD Portal Runtime & Portal Apps PRT Definition Portal Components PAR File Format Deployment Descriptor GD Portal Runtime & … Continue reading SAP Netweaver Online Training


SAP Security Online Training

SAP R/3, Netweaver Technologies SAP Security Elements of SAP Authorization Concepts User Master Record Working with Profile Generator (Roles, Composite Roles, Derived Roles, Customizing Roles) Access Control and User administration (password Rules, special users, Authorization Administration) Analysis and monitoring functions. Special Authorization Components (Express Profile Gen) Transport of authorization components Automation of initial Loads Central … Continue reading SAP Security Online Training


SAP BASIS Online Training

SAP History . SAP R/3 architecture & Layers. administration. Spool administration Basics. Background jobs. Monitoring. Transport management Basics. Sap Security Overview of BPM What is Security & Why? Security audit & consideration? Security layersAudit Security & Security audit log parameters. Data layer Access security security Application on R/3 Security. OS level security & Change management. … Continue reading SAP BASIS Online Training


SAP PI Online Training

Architecture and components of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Configuration and runtime behavior of synchronous and asynchronous scenarios Connecting back-end systems using proxies and adapters Overview of mapping Overview of cross-component Business Process Management (ccBPM) Outlook to SAP NetWeaver Process Integration in the context of Enterprise SOA Business Process Management BPM Overview of BPM Step … Continue reading SAP PI Online Training


SAP ABAP Online Training

Unit-I Introduction to ERP What is ERP? Why we need ERP? Advantages of ERP Introduction to SAP architecture What is SAP? History of SAP? SAP R/2 architecture SAP R/3 architecture ABAP Dictionary Concepts Tables, Data Elements and Domains Log on to SAP Environment Workbench tools Introduction to ABAP/4 What is ABAP? Log on to SAP … Continue reading SAP ABAP Online Training


SAP HANA Admin Online Training

sap hana admin online training SAP HANA Landscape SAP HANA components, editions ,scenarios and guides SAP HANA Architecture SAP HANA persistence Sizing SAP HANA Scale out SAP HANA SAP HANA Tool Overview SAP HANA studio for administrator DBA Cockpit Pre & Post Installation of SAP HANA Preparing SAP HANA installation On-site configuration tool Post installation … Continue reading SAP HANA Admin Online Training